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QT C++ code examples

I will try to show code examples to use with qt-creator.

If you look around on the internet for C++ ide's, you can choose between many different ones. What others think is the best, I don't mind, the best one you can find is QT-Creator.

With QT creator you can also create pure C++ code, but if you need an GUI for your project, then QT is the best choice you have.

No matter on which operating system you develop your code. It will run on every OS and it integrates nicely with your current Window theme.

Every linux distribution has qt-creator in his packages repositries. Easy to install via your package manager.

For windows users, get qt-creator from :, but don't download the online installer, instead download the offline installer: Qt 5.8.0 for Windows 32-bit (MinGW 5.3.0, 1.2 GB). The version can change between the time I wrote this. Don't forget you install a 32-bits version. If you need mysql later on, be sure to also install a 32-bits mysql application !